COSMOTRANS was founded in 2006 with a view to offers in the Greek market a different solution in the sector of international transports and administrative services.
In the potential of company was included human potential with multiannual experience in the sector of international transport and logistics aiming at as long as the possible better implementation international road and combined transports. The acceptance by the customers was big and the rise of company rapidly from her first time of operation.
This moment we can offer services in countries of western Europe as the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany in central Europe our main line is Austria as well as in the continuously commercial developing markets of Balkan countries. The continuous effort for improvement of our services as well as the requirements of market us led to extend our activities and in the railway transport with rail container 45 '.
This moment our company has a very well organised network of representatives for railway transports of lands but also maintainance of full charges that can you serve from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany and Austria. Characteristic of our service is the daily receipts from any point of each country, and daily departures for Greece and the time of travel (6-7 days door door) with privately-owned trains without transshipments. Charm in your confidence we try daily for as long as possible your better service in the sector of reliability, service and our services, offering to you at the same time the most competitive economic offers.